Francesca, 36 yrs. Children's TV executive

Francesca, 36 yrs. Children's TV executive

Francesca Quick

Working with Lisa changed my life.

We started together when I was suffering with early IBS symptoms, bloating and pain was the norm. I couldn’t discern why as I had a healthy, active lifestyle and I ate well.

Through Lisa’s health coaching I came to understand very quickly that the food I was consuming - although yes, much of it healthy - was actually exacerbating my symptoms.

By keeping a detailed food diary, Lisa was able to scrutinise my diet. She educated me on foods that heal my condition and how to correctly balance each meal. I received a delicious personalised recipe plan and within 48 hours of starting it my symptoms alleviated.

Through working with Lisa I’ve learnt to purchase, prepare and cook food in a different way. My programme, the recipes and Lisa’s knowledgeable guidance has been a game-changer, not only am I not suffering anymore but I’ve been expertly informed on the nutrition that my body needs. By becoming so much more attuned, by knowing what nourishes my body and what doesn’t, is so empowering.

It’s a wondrous feeling to be able to walk into a supermarket now and know what to buy based on the knowledge of what is good for me.

This education, through Lisa’s help and insight, has been absolutely invaluable.

Lisa is one of the most affable personalities I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, it’s been a joy to work with her. With every meet up, message and email there was never any judgement, she intently listened and provided tips and advice that I now have for life. She provided exactly the right balance of understanding and encouragement.

I can’t recommend Lisa enough. If the need were ever to arise again in future, I would tap her up in a heartbeat.

I’m so grateful for your work - thank you Lisa <3

Kirsty, 31 yrs. Paralegal

Kirsty, 31 yrs. Paralegal

Kirsty Horgan

After being on the contraceptive pill for 10 years I decided to come off of it and was struggling to ovulate. I was also experiencing painful bloating, extreme fatigue and adult acne. 

I came to Lisa knowing that she had experienced the same nasty side effects after coming off the pill herself and so I trusted that she could help me.

Having hormonal issue isn't the same as having a broken bone, you feel broken inside but nobody on the outside can see. Lisa totally understood my mental state and gave me the permission I needed to go through my healing process. Simply having someone to talk to about this stuff was so therapeutic and a huge part of my recovery. 

In six months of working with Lisa not only did my period return- pain free, my skin clear and my energy come back, but I came away knowing exactly what my body needed in order to feel great. I became much healthier than I had ever been in my life. 

I have learned about how my body reacts to certain trigger foods, what to avoid and what to eat in order to feel good. I no longer dread the food shopping and love to cook with fresh produce. 

I always thought that being healthy would feel like deprivation, I was so wrong! When you cut out the crap and start to feel the effects of eating and living well there is nothing like it. I felt so unwell for so long and I am so grateful for Lisa's help in not only guiding me back to full health but inspiring me to go even further. My whole outlook on health is now totally different, no more fad diets, but lots of self-love and veggies! 

Thank you Lisa x 


Lindy Page

I came to Lisa as she was recommended by a trusted friend of mine. I desperately wanted to shift some weight and have more energy. I felt like I was old before my time and knew that stress and my diet had a big part to play in that.

Lisa's coaching technique is a gentle process- the transition is subtle but the results are nothing short of amazing.

You feel instantly calm in her presence and totally heard. She has a wonderful way of listening to what matters and leaving behind what doesn't.

I was totally blown away by how my diet and some small things I was doing everyday impacted and aggravated my symptoms. Things I never would have picked up on myself.

I never once felt deprived or like I was on a health plan or diet. I felt empowered and for the first time in my life in complete control of my own health. This is life changing stuff!

Thank you so much Lisa.

Lindy, 33yrs. Events co-ordinator

Colleen Pagels, 42 yrs. Restaurant Manager

Colleen Pagels, 42 yrs. Restaurant Manager

Colleen Pagels

I didn't think I had the time or patience to take the natural, holistic approach to health, i'm a busy lady! I wanted a quick fix that would allow me to continue to get things done on my terms. You can probably guess i'm a little stubborn and skeptical!

Within 2 weeks of working with Lisa I realised that I was my own worst enemy. The habits i've had my whole life were having such a negative impact on my health and making my life so much more difficult than it needed to be.

She helped me to look at the bigger picture and integrated really simple things into my life that had a powerful impact. This caused a ripple effect that changed everything.

Working with Lisa has given me more of a positive outlook on life, a new love for myself and a deep respect for what my body is capable of. 



Joanna Hannam

Working with Lisa was incredible. After getting no where with Doctors and drugs, I met with Lisa and immediately felt in safe hands. She is incredibly knowledgable on the topic of nutrition, which most of our well meaning Doctors are not unfortunately. She was very supportive in helping discover foods I liked to eat and activities to do that helped me get back to health and start to live a normal, but now much healthier life. I've also lost weight in the process so an extra bonus!

But what I think is the real point of difference with Lisa is that she cares about the whole of you - body and mind. A lot of the problems I experienced were due to my emotional reaction to what was happening in my body and Lisa got that instantly, which helped me come to terms with it much faster. She's incredibly kind, pragmatic and understands the 'real world' we live in so her advice is easy to follow and felt tailored to my particular needs and personality.

Whether you have a specific problem, want to understand how to live a healthier life or just want to have a fascinating conversation, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa. 

-Joanna Hannam Meditation teacher

Kelly Quick, Teacher &amp; Actress

Kelly Quick, Teacher & Actress

Kelly Quick

When I approached Lisa, I wasn’t sure if she would be able to help me. I also didn’t think I would be able to make the nutritious meals I had read about because I am a terrible cook! I was wrong on both counts.

I am a teacher and a newly appointed Head of Department and I work long hours. The responsibility of the job, although I love it, is physically and mentally demanding. I went to Lisa because I was in constant pain, my body was always aching and the pain in my shoulders, caused by tension, was unbearable. I was also exhausted and unable to switch off. 

Lisa taught me about foods and supplements that would reduce inflammation, and therefore reduce pain. She also eased my fear of the kitchen by producing quick, easy and delicious recipes. Yes, they are even delicious when I make them! I feel much more confident about how to create meals and my afternoon sluggish feelings have now stopped. With Lisa’s help, I am able to sustain my energy all day and this has been a game changer. I feel full but not stuffed after lunch and the meal plan stops any hunger pangs during the day. 

Another crucial element Lisa has helped me with is to regain some balance in life. My job is still busy and still stressful but Lisa has taught me the importance of taking time out, even for ten minutes. I now take quiet lunches and always allow myself to shut off my mind and breathe. I have always scoffed at the idea of meditation, but I now realise how important it is to get through a busy day. 

I would highly recommend Lisa. She is so knowledgeable and goes one step further to find answers and give you an individualised plan. She is wonderful to talk to, an excellent listener and always full of ideas and advice.

Thank you so much.