Helping you transition to a whole food plant-based diet with

grace, joy and ease. 

Whether you’re Vegan, Vegan Curious, in the process of transitioning from Veggie to Vegan or, for now, simply want to learn how to eat in a healthful way with more vegetables and fewer animals on your plate, then there's something here for you.

Planted & Whole encourages a balanced and holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

The focus is on whole plant foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, herbs, and spices. I'm here to offer recipe inspiration and guidance to support you from the transition process and beyond so that you can sustain this wonderful way of living.

Making change is challenging, no doubt about it. Especially now, as we live in a time where society encourages us to eat processed foods and animal products. Making something stick requires us to commit and recommit on a daily basis. When real life gets in the way, this transition can be messy, overwhelming, confusing and frustrating to say the least.

We all need community, and as such can easily be swayed by our well-meaning friends and family who assure us that it's okay to“cheat”. But we know it's not about cheating. This way of living isn't a diet as such, but a lifestyle, a philosophy, a way of being. Making the decision to align our values with our everyday actions.

Adopting a Whole food plant-based diet serves as a way of respecting your own body. Nourishing it with what it needs in order to thrive, but at the same time not beating yourself up over eating a doughnut, there's no joy in that!

My goal is to offer a space for you to feel free and empowered. Free from the diet dogma and empowered to do things your way. Don't just take my word for it, allow yourself to be inspired by the recipes and information and take action. Experience the benefits yourself, It's only sustainable if it works for you and you feel the shift inside. This internal shift is where the magic happens and a new way of being in the world forms.

I'm here to offer help, support, and continuous inspiration in a very practical way. Along with a community of like-minded souls also wanting to tread lightly on this precious earth. The support I wish I had when going through the process myself

I am so happy you found me and feel honoured to play a small part in your health and wellbeing. 

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What I think is the real point of difference with Lisa is that she cares about the whole of you - body and mind. A lot of the problems I experienced were due to my emotional reaction to what was happening in my body and Lisa got that instantly, which helped me come to terms with it much faster. She’s incredibly kind, pragmatic and understands the ‘real world’ we live in so her advice is easy to follow and felt tailored to my particular needs and personality.
— Joanna Hannam

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This is a great entry point for those of you who are confused as to what you should be eating in order to thrive. No fad diets, no detoxes, no pricey subscriptions. Just a simple, clear collection of recipes, shopping lists, and action plan to set you up for success. 

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