Hi, I’m Lisa

As a holistic health coach it's my job to identify the areas in your life that are lacking attention. It may be an unknown food allergy or simply too much time spent in front of the computer, from the big things to the small everyday habits, they all contribute to your overall health.

Fatigue, weight gain, digestive and emotional issues, skin problems, low self esteem, hormonal issues are all signs of dis-ease in the body.

When we get to the root cause by addressing diet and lifestyle we allow the body to heal and return to its natural state of being, which is to thrive!

My Training


Certified Holistic health coach and yoga teacher, I received my nutrition training from the Institute for integrative nutrition where I was trained in over 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of lifestyle coaching methods.

I graduated in 2015 and since then have been coaching full time. Using an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle first hand with clients I have learnt so much from experience.

When it comes to working in this field it is important to realise that the learning never ends. New studies are always coming out, and new information at our fingertips. I am an avid reader, fiercely passionate about health, & wellness and will always continue to learn from the best.

I have been teaching yoga & mindfulness for over 7 years and have found, through experience, that connecting mind body and spirit is key to health, happiness and longevity. I have combined the skills from my yoga and meditation practice to create a unique experience that helps my clients shift their mindset from a quick fix solution to a long term lifestyle change

However, training means nothing unless it is implemented into the real world, with real people and real success stories.
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Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live
— Jim Rohn

My Story

In 2014 I experienced what I now call a healing crisis. A combination of external stressors and internal emotional trauma combined with some major hormonal imbalance, led to symptoms of fatigue, acne, digestive issues, low self esteem and depression.  

After a failed attempt at reaching out for help from my doctor I knew I had no choice but to spend some time figuring this out myself. I began researching, reading and trying out different approaches to health and healing. I soon became obsessed in my approach as nothing seemed to be working, and the amount of information out there was not only overwhelming but full of conflicting facts.

Nothing made sense and I was left feeling more confused then ever. 

The solution to my problems became clear when I found a Holistic Health Coaching programme. I immediately resonated with the message. Holistic comes from the word whole meaning complete. A form of healing that considers the whole person- body, mind, spirit & emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness. 

I learnt about the importance of the right diet for the individual but also, that what we put on our plate is not the only aspect of life that nourishes us.  A holistic approach to health encourages us to look at all aspects of life such as relationships, career, exercise and spirituality. Turned out that my symptoms were a complex combination of many emotional and physical triggers that could only be healed through taking a holistic approach. 

Through training to become a holistic health coach, implementing the changes required, accountability from other coaches, combined with yoga and meditation practice I restored my body back to full health.

It wasn’t a straightforward journey and I certainly needed support, but it was my journey and although confrontational and painful at times I knew I was getting to the core of my issues and I was learning so much about myself in the process

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity
— Hippocrates